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Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming businesses. Recent developments in areas like robotics, AI, Neural Networks (ANN & CNN) and Machine Learning have put us on the cusp of a new automation age. Today, AI can not only perform a range of routine physical activities better and more cheaply than humans, but they can also accomplish activities that include cognitive capabilities once considered too difficult to automate successfully.

An array of augmented operations possible with Automation and AI empowers businesses to be smarter than ever.

Reinvent your Business with Neutrino’s AI and Automation Services

Neutrino Tech System’s holistic AI services empowers businesses to make your vision a reality by re-imagining the way you do business. Our unique AI portfolio which is highly outcome-led and driven by business challenges across industries, enables you to scale AI to bring new outcomes—from gains in efficiency to productivity and transform across your processes. Our AI and Automations experts has deep industry expertise to solve your unique needs. We can help you understand the opportunities and pave the road to transformative impact and lasting value by integrating technology into your business functions. Neutrino Tech’s AI services helps you access and implement solutions that accelerate innovation across your functions and reduce costs driving you to outcomes faster.

Drive Impact at scale with Automation and AI

Take a look at some of our AI offerings
Intelligent Document Processing Solution
Cut-through your complex business data – unstructured and semi-structured, from a variety of document formats to extract relevant information and get AI-Powered Insights
Rule Based Automation
Improve your agility by automating your manual and repetitive processes – employee onboarding, account reconciliation, sales orders, invoice processing, payroll and more
Speech AI/Text AI
Add real-time speech-to-text capabilities, build smart apps and services which speak to your users naturally or give your app real-time speech translation capabilities with our speech/text AI services.
Conversational AI
Simulate real conversations with intelligent virtual agents to elevate customer experience and strengthen relationships.
AI and Analytics Solutions
Discover valuable insights from AI-powered analytics to drive growth and better business outcomes.
Image and Video Processing
Uncover new possibilities with AI based Image and Video processing and recognition.

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