Cloud Computing (CC)

Everyone has a problem with storage nowadays there lot of data is generating and there is a need of storage of such data. previously we used to pay for storage space and use it this is called on-premise storage services. We used to pay to buy storage but it was not flexible and we needed to take all storage even if not essential. So now, what If we can pay only for what we use and no need to pay for other services that we don’t use. Their will be one platform on which all services, storage , computer resources will be present and we just need to choose what we need and start using it and pay only for what we use. Sounds interesting right!!!! This concept is known as Cloud computing.

Now cloud computing has replaced on-premises services due to some of its flaws like services scalability i.e., once the storage size is chosen we cannot change it but in cloud computing we can change specifications as per our needs.

 Secondly, on-premises storage is limited but cloud computing storage is wide we can easily change a storage size. Also data security and data loss is one of the point where Cloud Computing is leading.

What is Cloud Computing ??

Cloud Computing(CC) is availability of computer system resources mainly Storage for computing power as per user without physically buying it provides abundant storage and resources and for what you use no need of physical hardware

CC has two types

1] Deployment model :

Deployment model is again divided into three parts

  1. Private : In Private model one has his own cloud no other person or no third person can access his cloud it is private to himself.
  2. Public: In Public the cloud is available over the internet and anyone can use it.
  3. Hybrid: Hybrid is a mixture of public and private cloud deployment model

2] Service model




Pros and Cons:


  • Improve disaster recovery
  • Better Availability
  • Flexibility


  • Reliance on Internet
  • Risk
  • Higher Maintainance

Some Cloud Platform are:

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform