Internet Of Things

Internet of Things

Few days back use of internet was Limited there was less access to internet related things but now everything can be connected to the internet few years back this was not the case. It may be fan, AC, refrigerator, car, lights etc that’s amazing right this is what cloud Computing does. It connects everything to internet. It has capabilities to handle all the devices remotely and remotely access them.

What is Internet of Things??

Internet of things is a system which consist of things majorly light, AC, refrigerator etc. that are connected with sensors and actuators to form a connectivity and exchange data among them.

Smart home is best example of IOT like fan, light, refrigerator, microwave oven such things can be connected to mobile phone and you can easily access it using your mobile phone.

If you are not at home or if you forgot to do something then it can be remotely access and switched off. Consider if by mistake you forgot to switch off the light and you step out of your house and later you remind that the lights are on then in this case you can access your lights at home using your mobile phone. Also With the help of actuators and sensors it will sense that the lights are on it will give you a message and then off the lights by its own.

IOT devices are divided into two type:

1] General devices: Consists of the things or objects which are present and which are used like TV, AC, microwave etc. These are called Smart Devices

2] Sensing devices: Are the sensors and actuators which are used to sense the conditions and accordingly generate messages.

There is also a third device which is present which is a Gateway which is used to route the information or form a connection between both sensing devices and general devices and the Gateway is connected to cloud which helps to maintain data and can be efficiently stored on cloud.

let’s take a look at one simple scenario consider a farmer who has a piece of land and applies sensors and actuators all over it to know the moisture content of the soil. Every day he gets a record of moisture of its soil and if someday the moisture content falls down then sensors will send the message. Also the sensors will sense that the moisture content is less than the expected content so it will check in its database check in status base through gateway and send a message to the farmer. Farmer sitting at his home will come to know that the moisture content is low and and he will trigger the sprinklers and will water the farm.

Currently in all sectors IOT has become a boon to our society following are few sectors in which IOT has proven itself:

1] Smart Home

2] Smart Car

3] Smart Farming

4] Smart Retail

5] Smart Cities

6] Smart Healthcare

Studies have also proven that integration of IOT with other Technologies such as Machine learning Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing can be a boon to our society and it can take it to a different level and hence simplify the way of living.