About Us

Neutrino Tech Systems, headquartered in Texas, USA was started in 2018 with an aim to provide best of breed IT solutions to forward-looking businesses to transform themselves to Intelligent Enterprises that drive Innovation and growth.

‘Neutrinos’ are miniscule particles born from violent astrophysical events and travel at the speed of a light. Neutrino Tech Systems is just like these teeny tiny Neutrinos – Sparky and Zestful. We are the Trailblazers in Automation Solutions providing high quality technology service offerings in Application Development, Robotic Process Automation, Performance Engineering and Functional Automation.

Sid Bhayani - Neutrino Tech Systems

Sid Bhayani

We believe, Software should empower businesses to achieve their goals by simplifying their business processes. That’s what our solutions and services do exactly. We embrace the latest technologies to solve your daily business challenges through solutions powered by automation and intelligence and help pave your way to success.

We are a group of passionate and focused professionals with deep technical skills across cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and other complex application stacks like Web development technologies, Microsoft Technologies and more. We focus on customer success, whatever technology it takes.
We believe in finding the state of the art solutions to address your unique business challenges. We are well aware that each business is different and each of our clients need different solutions. There is no one size fits all solution at Neutrino Tech Systems!

So, Leave your IT challenges to our experts in Neutrino, while you focus on running your business. Our solutions can help you build a strategic competitive edge by adopting automation faster and effectively into your business processes and stay ahead in the game.
Aakash Shroff - Neutrino Tech Systems

Aakash Shroff

Our Core Values

These core values describe what we stand for as a company. These values drive our actions and reflect on whatever we do.


 We take complete ownership and accountability irrespective of the outcome of  every endeavor and don’t engage in  the “hot potatoes or revolving cannons” game


Our people are our assets and differentiators. We believe in harnessing and enhancing the potential of our people to achieve greatness.


Every relationship is predicated on Trust, with unfailing mutual trust, greatness awaits! And you know what they say …. “ It takes two to tango”.


We pursue excellence on behalf of our CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS and when we achieve, it feels great.


The creative mind plays with the object it loves and that for us is Innovation …. our guiding philosophy and culture.


We understand the need for business to change gears and strategy to compete in the marketplace and we are nimble and adaptable to remain lockstep.


Neutrino Tech is committed to deliver solutions that empower businesses to meet their intricate challenges and thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. With our deep domain expertise and a culture of innovation  driven service delivery in complex application, technology, people, process and tools landscape, we strive to design tailored solutions for our customer’s need and complement their success.

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Working at Neutrino

At Neutrino Tech, we have got a wonderful team filled with passion, innovation and curiosity, working together hand in hand to achieve our goals together as a family. Every Neutrino is encouraged to bring their whole self to work. We’ve got room for more Neutrinos to join the family.

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Social Impact

At Neutrino Tech we want to deliver value not just for people and customers, but our community and the planet as well. We firmly believe we are as accountable to the society we live in as we are to our clients and stakeholders. We are consistently working for social and environment progress by doing our part with social impact organizations to help make this world a better place. We feel it’s all about ‘being human’ in whatever we do.

Our Partners

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