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Al Enabled Hyper Automation

Go beyond just Automation with
Neutrino Tech System’s Hyper-Automation Solutions

Our AI Enabled Hyper Automation solutions enable your business to leverage intelligent automation and produce what we call a Digital Workforce — trainable, intelligent digital assistants for specific functional roles rather than processes, capable to take on the most repetitive tasks of an individual employee. The digital workers can connect to various business applications, operate with structured and unstructured data, analyze data and make decisions, and discover processes and new automation opportunities.

End-to-end Hyper-automation

AI Enabled Hyper-automation is end-to-end automation accomplished by combining the power of multiple technologies, from RPA to machine learning and AI. Thus, hyper-automation enables automation of virtually any repetitive task, even those that required knowledge input from human subject matter experts.

The core enabling technology in hyper-automation is the RPA, AI and machine learning working in harmony to automate long-running end-to-end business processes including even the most complex business processes that was beyond the scope of automation. It in effect upskills the normal process automation with intelligence creating intelligent digital workers in your enterprise making work so much faster and better.

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