DevOps: Benefits and Undeniable Challenges

DevOps was a concept conceived to alleviate the friction between the development and the Operations teams. DevOps helps the developers, operators, quality engineering, security team, and other organizational components to work together more effectively and efficiently. Technically, DevOps combines cultural, engineering practices & patterns, and tools that augment the organization’s ability to deliver applications and …

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DevOps and Digital Transformation: Say Bye to Silos!

Digitalization has transformed the way organizations operate. All the conservative and process-driven ways of working are now gradually getting replaced by new approaches, technologies, frameworks, and ideas. New methodologies are being discovered every now and then, leaving little space for dysfunction. One such amazing methodology is DevOps. DevOps culture provides flexibility and encourages cohesive and …

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Neutrinos’ Journey – Upward & Forward!

“For every technology, there is an expiration date! But for us, it’s always learning and growing date!” Moving ahead with the latest trends and inculcating those trends within our capabilities have been ever-present in the market. Companies across the globe have implemented numerous technological services along with their own portfolio of offerings. Decades ago, few …

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